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    Bureau of Academic Service, KKU is an organization equivalent to a faculty. Established by Royal Decree announced on December 29, 2532, with the name of the founder “Center for Continuing Education” And renamed “University Academic Service Centre” According to a government decree establishing the university. Khon Kaen University on May 7, 2542.
    And now known as Bureau of Academic Service, KKU. According to a government decree establishing Khon Kaen University on July 7, 2558 our office is currently on 5th floor of Bimala Kalakicha Building, Khon Kaen University.

       The Center is determined to empower human beings and develop sustainable communities, by which people in the Northeast region can rely on its educational supports based on the self-sufficient economy.

       “Bureau of Academic Service, KKU shall serve as the interdisciplinary academic hub for local communities in the Northeast region through concrete supports and various academic transfers to enhance the opportunity and quality of life for the people in a balanced and sustainable way.”

      The Bureau of Academic Service, KKU was established to lend supports in economic, social, and political development for a better quality of life for the people to live with security and safety in line with the mission of the National Economic and Social Plan through further knowledge and technology transfer from researchers at Khon Kaen University. We aim to develop the people of the nation so that they can be well equipped with a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, capabilities, skills, and experiences according to all types of social activities that are ethical and effective as much as possible.
1. To represent as the key organization in coordinating both internal and external resources of Khon Kaen University to provide educational services such as some tailor-made short and long training courses according to the interests of various audience. The aim is to equip people with knowledge, skills and social values that can be beneficial for their daily lives and professions,
2. To cooperate with different faculties and units on campus including other public and private organizations to provide academic services to the local community,
3. To strengthen a good relationship between the university and the community,
4. To promote and launch the public awareness about Khon Kaen University.
Strategic Directions and Plans

1. Develop effective academic services and human resources system based on a self-sufficient economic philosophy,
2. Provide academic services that support a sustainable social development,
3. Provide academic services that encourage community involvement with self-sufficient economic model,
4. Establish networks and collaborations with private and industrial sectors,
5. Play a key role in the development of the nation as well as among countries in the Mekong Sub-region,
6. Establish collaborating parties with the government and private sectors, educational institutes including local wisdom networks to cater the society’s academic needs,
7. Transfer knowledge into social application as a research-based university,
8. Determine operational areas for Khon Kaen University in providing academic services to the society,
9. Determine target groups for providing academic services,
10. Support activities in accord with the mission of Khon Kaen University,
11. Support the university’s auxiliary units in providing academic services to both internal and external communities.

Mission in Social Academic Services Obligation

       It serves as the center of human resources development by providing academic services and technology transfer, creating a community model development with collaborations among industries and countries in the Mekong Sub-region.
The Administrative Group

      The Administration Group is responsible for general administrative tasks within the Academic Service Center including coordinating and planning with different internal departments within the Center and building networks with other external affiliations in order to achieve the mission of the Center efficiently. Moreover, this division is in charge of many information services, for instance, printed and electronic media, database management, and public relations. Moreover, it provides efficient and high quality services in producing audio visual aids, conference, and computer facilities.

The Encourage and Development Academic Service Group

      The Encourage and Development Academic Service Group is responsible for the preparation of the Action Plan. To provide information Database System Data collection for the preparation of quality assurance. As well as monitoring and evaluation. The mission assigned. The operation of the Bureau. Section under the Group were the Policy and Planning Section, Information Section, Education Quality Assurance Section And the Monitoring and Evaluation Section.

The Academic Service Group

      The Academic Services Group is responsible for searching the needs in professional training among the government, state enterprise and private sectors; designing educational materials; and conducting standard training courses for the community and organization accordingly. In addition, there are special academic service projects that are financially supported by off-campus organizations with specific activities tailor-made upon the signed agreement. Nevertheless, in order to enhance the efficiency and efficacy, these special projects will be operated or organized by designated responsible persons who are matched with the purpose of each particular project.  

Interrelationships with internal and external organizations of Khon Kaen University
          With the mission of being the center of knowledge and technology transferred from various research-based projects at Khon Kaen University, the University Academic Service Center is aimed to increase the wisdom, knowledge, capability, skills, and experiences necessary for the society under the standard code of ethics and at the highest possible efficiency level. Thereby, the Center is managed through interrelationships with different organizations both internally and externally as follows:
Inter-organization relationship with off-campus organizations

1. Bureau of Academic Service,KKU is the coordinator who matches the organizations outside Khon Kaen University with the divisions on campus for      providing an appropriate academic services.
2. Bureau of Academic Service,KKU plays a key role in connecting and preparing a signed agreement in academic collaboration with organization      partnership outside of Khon Kaen University. Div Tag Goes Here

Intra-organization relationship among members within Bureau of Academic Service,KKU

1. The Administration Committee of Bureau of Academic Service,KKU has designated individual staff according to their knowledge and capabilities.
2. The staff at Bureau of Academic Service,KKU are continually well-trained with various capacity building activities so as to achieve the mission of the      Center.
3. Bureau of Academic Service,KKU has implemented the monitoring and evaluation system for further operational development.
4. Bureau of Academic Service,KKU has conducted training courses for individuals from different organizations within Khon Kaen University.

Bureau of Academic Services, Khon Kaen University
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