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Congratulatory dinner party
Welcome IAAS student from Belgium
Congratulations to Professor Metha Wanapat who got recived the outstanding Faculty (Lecturer) of Thailand in Science and Technology award

Congratulations to Professor M. Wanapat who has been invited by the Indian Journal of Field Veterinarians to be one of the Editorial Board Members

Welcome news internation student under TROFREC to KKU
TROFREC have been meeting at Pechaburi
PhD student of TROFREC has been research work in USA
Prof. Metha has been joined with "Animal Nutrition World Conference"
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The publish relations News
  • TROFREC will be meeting with the DPO of thailand to research collaboration at 12 June 2009
  • TROFREC conference "The study of rumen microbes by using molecular technique"
  • TROFREC have been service for feed chemical composition and feed formulation
  • IAAS-Thailand Project has been attibuted the orientation day for student
  • Research visitor from Burma on MRC, TROFREC (more)
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 Job and Tender bids News
  • Application for new secretary of TROFREC (more)
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 Conference, Seminar and Scholarchip News
  • The list of Assistant researcher scholarchip, thesis scholarchip and graduate support in 2009

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Research group
  • Food-feed system research project
  • Research work under TROFREC in 2007(more)
  • Research work under TROFREC in 2008

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