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Study on genus Piper in Thailand





Genus Piper


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Study on genus Piper in Thailand




The Genus Piper in Thailand


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Background and usefulness of genus Piper

The genus Piper distributed mainly in tropical regions of the world. Several species have great economic and cultural importance including P. nigrum, P. betle, P. methysticum, etc. Many species have been used for foods, medicines, stimulants, antiseptics and antioxidants in Thai culture [1].

Our taxonomic accounts on this genus are based on the stamen and stigma numbers and characters, floral bract morphology, leaf shape, and leaf venation [2].


Discovered Piper species in Thailand

We have explored the genus since 1999. Until July 2009, 43 species were reported in the second edition of “The genus Piper in Thailand”. However the international publication [2] included only 40 species. The three addition species that the reviewers asked to omit are P. brevicaule, P. crocatum and P. umbellatum.

The reasons, from the reviewers, of omitting are:

- P. brevicaule is synonymous of P. sarmentosum which further checking is needed.

- P. crocatum and P. umbellatum are introduced.

P. crocatum is actually introduced, however people can easily see in plant markets and in Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden, Chiang Mai. Therefore, it is useful for reader to include this species in the book. Additionally, we have discovered P. umbellatum in natural wilds in many places of Thailand including National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries [1]. So we included it in the book.



1.    Chaveerach, A., Tanee, T., Sudmoon, R. and Mokkamul, P. 2009. The genus Piper in Thailand. Second edition. Khon Kaen: Khon Kaen Karnpim. 163 pp. ISBN 978-616-549-005-4. (in Thai).

2.    Chaveerach, A., Sudmoon, R., Tanee, T. and Mokkamul, P. 2008. The species diversity of the genus Piper from Thailand. Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica 59(2):105-163.


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