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Sometimes, all you need is a simple life. I didn't realize this until very recently.

I grew up in a very loving family, although my parents could be very strict sometimes. Our lives are truly simple and peaceful. Sometimes I wonder where those drama stories on TV are coming from. (Well, ok, I know some of them are true.) I am very grateful that I was born into the family whose most dramatic situations would be those of "why aren't you putting things away!" or "why aren't you guys do the dishes!" or "why are you guys getting up soooo late!"

Yeah, this is us, the Chaipah Family -*-

We now live in a quiet village in a suburb of Khon Kaen city. (Khon Kaen is a medium sized city that is about 5 hours northeast of Bangkok.) I LOVE this house; the design, the location, and of course, living things in it ^^ Our house area is full of Mom's plants, many lotus tubs, and 4 dogs. We do have a little grass field, although lately my mom must secretly have had a hidden argenda to transform our house into a house in her little forest. Her garden is expanding every year and we seem to have lesser and lesser grass field area. Oh Well, LOL.

Besides plants, I feel that our house is filled with music. I remember Dad turned on his radio or played his cassette tapes (yeah, I have experienced those cassette tapes) all the time. Mom actually bought these full CD sets of covered folk songs for listening in her car. Dad loves singing, especially E-Sarn folk songs, life songs, and Look Krung songs. My sister and I both have been playing Thai musical instruments (Khim, Saw Duang, and Ja-ke) since we were in grade schools. Now that we have the third generation little boys in the house, they also play musical keyboards.

Mom and Dad

:: Mom and Dad ::

Mom is a nutrition lecturer and a vice-director of Sirindhorn College of Public Health in Khon Kaen. She has been working there since I can remember. When I was young, I often tagged along to her campus. Her colleages are very nice to me, reflecting that she must have been nice to them too. Mom just loves gardening, cooking, reading, and playing games. She will be soon retired and I expect that our house will become an official forest soon after ^^;

My dad is now retired. He was a lecturer and a dean of the Faculty of Public Health in Khon Kaen University. He is specialized in Tropical Epidemiology (it took me a while to pronounce the word -*-). Now he provides consulting service to various projects, along with dropping and picking up my nephews. Dad loves singing and reading and watching news. He was also a Ta-Kraw player. He is generally a super kind person, but in any case, you just don't want to make him angry, okay? ;)

Mom and Dad

:: Namwarn ::

My sister is a dentist, working in a hospital about 20 mins from home. She is 3 years older than I am. P'Warn is married to a doctor named Aon. (Oh right, I am the only one in the family who has nothing to do with Health Science -*-) They have 2 boys named TonWaan and TonWhai.

P'Warn's family now lives in my parents' house. They plan to move out in a couple years. However, their new house will be right next to our house, so I don't think it matters much that they will move LOL. We will still be pretty close.

Beside pulling teeth and raising kids, P'Warn LOVES reading. In my memory, she (oh, and mom too) reads ALL the time. I think she reads various kinds of books, but she loves comic and novel. In my view, P'Warn seems to live a simple yet happy life. Sometimes I just wish I can finally settle down and be like her.

Mom and Dad
:: TonWaan ::

Waan was born in 2004, 24 years after I was. So we both are monkeys according to the Asian calendar. Dad calls us the big monkey and the little monkey -*- Dad told me Waan (currently) is very interested in trains and mechanic stuff. He goes to the Demonstration School of Khon Kaen University.


Mom and Dad

:: TonWhai ::

Whai was born in 2006. Dad told me he is quite a happy child, smiling and welcoming people most of the time. He is (currently) interested in plane models and anything about plane. He goes to TonKlaa Nursery School, but he should enter kindergarten this June.


(Photos by Namtarn and Family)



Photography, Cooking, Singing, Guitar, Ja-kay, Saw-duang

(more details to come)


Client List

I generally love books by Win Lyowarin and Prapas Cholsaranont. They are pretty thoughtful yet not too hard to digest and also entertaining. They are ones of those books that inspire you to positively think about life, society, and love.

I also love reading other kinds of books and articles including comics, space, nature, human behavior, and.. gossip news LOL.

To be added: Interesting books, recommended by Namtarn